The Antonio Giaffreda Project distinguishes itself for the quality and the extent of benefits that will bring to the local population, as well as for the innovative design approach establishing a model of advanced international cooperation. While enabling the certification of Carbon Credits, it also creates benefits for the environment.

Carbon Credits’ stocks, officially recognized by an authorized international body, are issued in response of interventions aiming to reduce CO2 emissions in the atmosphere, and to improve the social and economic conditions of developing countries’ populations. Carbon Credits produced by such interventions are issued for seven years after the implementation of the project and can be bought by virtuous companies, undertaking a reduction of their CO2 emissions. Those companies, after having reduced the emissions of their own facilities (installing photovoltaic systems, electric cars, etc.), can purchase Carbon Credits and contribute further to global emission reductions.

Energia per lo Sviluppo’s pumping plants will be equipped with a water treatment system that will allow the users not to boil water before drinking anymore. The water purification system will be powered by photovoltaic – with zero impact, wood savings and therefore zero CO2 emissions in the atmosphere. Further to three pumping plants – that will be implemented soon – EPS has also included in the project the purification of two existing wells, as well as a third plant built autonomously in 2016 by the Municipality of Merina Dakhar.

The production and selling of Carbon Credits will allow EPS to fund and carry out many more interventions in the years to come. This innovative model of cooperation, which has just few similar examples in Italy, makes us even prouder of what we do.

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