Wells and Water Collection Solutions

DDuring the day, the sun fuels the pump that charges the tanks. The water drips down, reaches the soil, and then it is used to farm. There is no electric accumulator in the system, making the overall system very reliable.
The cultivation area was divided into six portions, one for each village involved in the project. The water collected into the tanks is distributed, by fall, to the three tanks. Irrigation is done manually. All the surface was fenced to protect the crops from animals that could damage them. Managing agricultural activity is a key element of the whole project.
For this reason, our local agronomist is responsible for:

  • Establishing a cooperative of women responsible for the operational activities
  • Define the appropriate crops
  • Training the operators
  • Purchasing, with our support, the necessary equipment and seeds for the first crop
  • Identifying an adequate commercial channel for selling products that exceed the population’s needs