Photovoltaic Solutions

The Power Sun Box is an extremely innovative product, which can be used everywhere there is no grid connection. It is a stand-alone low-power photovoltaic generator. As it is preassembled, the “Power Sun Box” it is ready-to-use and can be quickly installed. The associated manual includes installation instructions that are easy to follow.
The product’s most common applications are:

  • Small mountain shelters
  • Powering of microwave radio links and low power technology stations
  • Rural villages in peripheral areas
  • Private dwellings in peripheral areas


  • Ease of assembly, allowing installation in extremely short times
  • Guaranteed functioning, even in difficult weather conditions, thanks to the usage of high quality components
  • Night electric line to connect the external lighting, under twilight
  • Cyclic batteries in AGM or GEL (on request) long service life
  • Intelligent battery charging status management, to ensure its efficiency over time
  • Self-supporting galvanized steel structure
  • 60 cells intagrated photovoltaic module
  • Control panel’s thermic insulation