Stabilization of Kelle’s Public Health Post

Year: 2016
Where: Kelle, Louga, Senegal
Activities: Installation of a photovoltaic system to ensure a reliable electrical supply. Shipping of medicines and medical provisions.

The project, carried out in collaboration with Regione Toscana and the International Cooperation Center of the Careggi Hospital, envisaged the stabilization of the electrical supply of Kelle’s health care center. The post, despite its connection to the electricity distribution grid, suffered frequent blackouts, mainly at night, creating major difficulties especially for births. EPS thus installed a 1.5kWp photovoltaic plant with a PSS inverter. This solution, thanks to the battery set operated by the inverter, provides reliable electrical supply to the system even in case of network’s disruption.
Careggi Hospital also provided medical supplies and donated several medicines.

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The project aimed to improve Kelle health care’s facilities and to ensure a constant and reliable electrical supply, especially at night. In this way, more effective health services can be provided, and consequently improving the inhabitants’ living conditions.


Thanks to the system EPS has installed, the health post now operates without fearing disruptions in the electrical supply. This has resulted in an improvement of the users’ health and living conditions, who can now benefit from adequate services