MorModou Project

A Solidarity Bridge

Year: 2012
Where: Eleven rural villages in the Municipality of Merina Dakhar, Province of Thies (Senegal), Dalakh (well intervention),Telly, Gade Niandoul, Thienene, Ngninguene, Ndiobene, Koudiane2, Darou Kane, Dalakh 1, Ndiombil, Ndiaby, Ker Dao Gaye
Activities: Installation of eleven photovoltaic plants to supply power for public streetlight and electric plugs for collective usage. Automation of an existing manual well, through photovoltaic.

The MorModou project is dedicated to the two Senegalese men killed on 13th December 2011 in Piazza Dalmazia (Florence), from the xenophobic gesture of a deranged man. Samb Modou and Diop Mor were just unlucky to cross that man in the street. EPS therefore honored their sacrifice by dedicating them the third project in Senegal, and contributing to strengthen the relationship between the Italian and Senegalese communities. The project initially aimed to install ten photovoltaic plants in ten villages in the Province of Thies, that were completely devoid of any form of energy before the intervention. EPS also accomplished the electrification of a pre-existing manual well to allow the irrigation of a cultivable area nearby the village.

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Installation of eleven photovoltaic plants to provide electricity to external urban areas and small public buildings in every village. The project also envisaged the automation of an existing manual well, so that it could irrigate the cultivable land nearby one of the villages.


Eventually eleven plants were installed, extending the electrical supply to eleven villages. The successful electrification of the manual well in the village of Dalak 2 has optimized and increased the water supply; which it is now dedicated to the irrigation and cultivation of one of the adjacent land. The area’s perimeter is also specifically delimited and fenced.